logo design for ROC Outboard Motors

ROC Outboard Motors sell electric outboard motors. They needed a logo designed to show the environmentally friendly aspect as well as the performance these motors represent. Other than creating an awesome brand, the brief was to include a mythical Roc Bird, while not looking mean, had to portray both performance and care for the environment. 

logo design concepts

Jono, one of our senior designers, started sketching out this mythical bird and a few sketches later, the initial form was roughed out as well as some ideas for font choice and placement.

Transferring a sketch to digital creates challenges and highlights areas that need work, so using guides, we tweaked, moved, resized, deleted and added our way to a much more refined form.

ROC sketches

Logo development

ROC Development

final design

After some feedback, a final design was created. We now have a logo that is strong, has a good sense of direction and speed with a colour palette that leans towards an environmentally friendly product.

ROC Final